New VW Golf Mk6: leaked pictures

Published: 04 August 2008

This is Volkswagen’s new Mk6 Golf, and these first pictures have been leaked onto the internet by a foreign website ahead of the new Golf’s official unveiling later this week.

Mechanical details are still scant but it’s clear that in the looks department the Scirocco has had a small influence. At best though, the Golf Mk6’s design could only be described as evolutionary. Perhaps Porsche ownership is starting to have an effect…

So talk me round the new VW Golf Mk6.

The obvious changes are the new Scirocco-inspired headlamps and, depending on how unkind you’re feeling, those Touareg or Seat Altea taillights. Around the glasshouse, Scirocco-esque creases are also visible, while new front and rear bumpers complete the makeover.

Those look like VW Eos wheels to me…

Almost. They certaintly are similar, and inside the Mk6 the Eos has donated its central air vents as part of VW’s strategy to improve the interior quality of the Golf. Other tweaks include a Passat CC steering wheel and VW’s latest-generation touch-screen sat-nav system. 

Prices and further details of the Mk6 Golf, including mechanical changes, will be released this Wednesday 6 August, so come back to CAR Online for the full news. 

What do you think of the new VW Golf Mk6? Ford only visually facelifted the Focus, but an all-new Renault Megane is on the way. Has VW done enough to compete? Click ‘Add your comment’ below and have your say

By Ben Pulman

CAR's editor-at-large, co-ordinator, tallboy