Volvo S60 Concept car: first photos

Published: 27 October 2008

Volvo will provide us with a taster of the new S60 saloon when it shows the S60 concept car at the Detroit motor show in January 2009. No exterior photos have been issued yet, but Volvo today released some teaser shots of the new S60’s cabin.

The interior of the concept car further develops the Swedes’ signature ‘floating’ centre console – first introduced on the S40 – and Volvo has teamed up with Swedish glass specialist Orrefors. Cue more cut glass than you’d see on a booze-riddled Friday night in your average English pub.

Volvo S60 concept car: an inside job

The S60’s centre console will consist of a crystal clear panel that stretches all the way to the rear of the car – with the illusion of floating the whole way back. Volvo claims the inspiration came from Swedish architecture’s modern themes of expansive glass surfaces.

Owing to the complexities of using crystal in large-scale car manufacturing, the full-length floating panel is unlikely to make it to the production S60.

The new S60 arrives in 2010, and we’ll see the full concept car this winter before its January 2009 debut. It will be the first new Volvo developed under Steve Mattin since the XC60 junior SUV.

What’s new inside the Volvo S60?

It’s difficult to see much from this teaser, but Volvo has clearly stuck to its ergonomic rulebook here. The console is simple and minimalist, with just four chunky dials controlling the climate control, but there’s more emphasis on flowing, organic shapes. And check out that chunky L-shaped gearstick. Pure ejector seat…