Jacked premium: Volvo V90 Cross Country revealed

Published: 15 September 2016

► Volvo V90 Cross Country unveiled
► Raised ride height, added protection
► Estimated £2k price hike

Volvo already offers a full-size SUV in the form of the XC90, but it is set to add a jacked-up Cross Country model to the V90 range. It’s aimed at those who need to be able to deal with challenging weather conditions and tough roads, but who don’t want a full-size, full-height SUV.

The new Cross Country boasts all-wheel drive – the same system is available on the regular V90 – plus 60mm of extra ride height, lifting its total ground clearance to 210mm. The ride height is adjustable, however, with a lower setting granting better handling on smoother roads.

It also features a 20mm wider front track, and the rear track is widened by 40mm, improving stability. The tyres are 42mm larger in diameter, too, providing some additional altitude and helping protect the wheels from damage. The tyre design itself is completely new, according to Volvo, with a softer, more rounded profile for extra traction on rough surfaces.

What kind of conditions is it designed for?

At the unveiling Volvo really emphasised the car’s off-tarmac talents, with video footage showing the Cross Country barrelling across what looked like prime gravel WRC tracks and tough, undulating rocky terrain.

2016 Volvo V90 Cross Country

R&D boss Peter Mertens went as far as saying that ‘No one can produce an all-road vehicle like Volvo does,’ though Audi is sure to disagree with that claim.

The V90 Cross Country’s driving experience has been described as offering ‘relaxed confidence’, and Volvo states that the new car is designed to ‘perform in all sorts of road conditions – from muddy tracks and knee-deep snow to long-distance motorway driving.’

What engines will it be offered with?

Powertrain options will consist of D5 diesel power – with the T5 and T6 petrol engines offered elsewhere unlikely to make it into UK models.

2016 Volvo V90 Cross Country

A less powerful D4 diesel will also be available, but as all-wheel drive isn’t available on the this version of the V90 in the UK, we may not get this either. Whether a T8 plug-in hybrid model will come later remains to be seen, too.

Just one trim level will be available. Buyers will be able to configure their Cross Country with more rugged or sophisticated detailing, however, including black plastic wheelarch extensions or body-coloured alternatives. 

How much will it cost?

The new V90 Cross Country is expected to arrive on UK roads early in 2017, with prices predicted to weigh in around £2000 more than equivalent all-wheel-drive V90 models – meaning a starting price of around £43,500.

2016 Volvo V90 Cross Country

Volvo is targeting global annual sales of 20,000 units for the Cross Country, compared with 30,000 for the V90.

The company also confirmed that there won’t be an S90 Cross Country, following the demise of the S60 Cross Country saloon after just a handful of sales.

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By Christofer Lloyd

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