Motion Simulation TL1: Ariel builds an immersive simulator

Published: 01 May 2012

Ariel Moto Company, makers of the mad-yet-minimalist Atom sportscar, have teamed up with new UK firm Motion Simulation to develop and manufacture the TL1 immersive motion simulator. Featuring a spherical immersive projection screen and adjustable driving position, the TL1's composite pod allows vicarious thrill-seekers to try piloting anything from an F1 car to a combat aircraft with a greater degree of realism than existing simulator chairs. In the video above, the TL1 is configured as as Touring Car racer.

Although Ariel has dispensed with the car entirely in its new venture, the TL1 features more exterior panelling than the skeletal Atom. The composite single-seater pod is based around a three-piece 180-degree spherical projection screen, which gives a greater sense of being within the projected environment than single- or tri-screen flat displays used in other home simulator systems. It's not small, measuring nearly 3m wide and 1.9m tall, but the TL1 is designed to easily disassemble and (most worryingly for unsuspecting friends and family) the components are scaled to be easily carried through a standard household door. Bright exterior colours and smart styling are unlikely to placate a spouse suddenly confronted with a TL1 in the front room, but the composite shell may help protect the user against flying objects or verbal abuse. 

TL1 can be configured with a range of simulator controllers, digital video projectors and a built-in PC to suit your virtual vehicular needs. The standard pod's systems are compatible with popular gaming controllers such as Logitech or Thrustmaster wheel and pedal sets. If you're willing to become a pod-person in the name of digital driving mastery, the TL1 is available from Motion Simulation, with the basic pod starting at £11,000.

A lady with the Ariel simulatorThe Ariel simulator