Audi TT RS Plus (2012) UK pricing announced

Published: 02 May 2012

Audi UK has announced prices and availability of the Audi TT RS Plus, the go-faster variant of the already-very-fast RS version of the Audi TT.

Audi TT RS Plus: I killed the last guy who called me a ‘hairdresser’s car’

The Audi TT RS introduced the regular TT to a gobfull of turbocharged 2.5-litre five-cylinder engine, along with an upgraded chassis, to deliver 335bhp to the road through the Haldex clutch branch of the Quattro family tree.

With the TT TS Plus, Audi has now seen fit to grant an extra 20bhp, bumping the total to 355bhp. Torque climbs 15 lb ft, bringing total twist-action of 343 lb ft. Those tweaks bring the 0-62mph time down to a pub brawl-ending 4.1 seconds (was 4.3) for the coupe, with TT RS roadster coming in at 4.2 seconds (down from 4.4). Motorways will tremble at your 174mph top speed – in countries where that is legal.

For moments when you want to show your kinder, gentler side, Audi claims 32-33mpg and 197-212g/km of CO2 depending on which transmission (pick from a six-speed manual or seven-speed S-tronic) and roof configuration you choose. Visually the ‘Rotor’ 19-inch alloys will look familiar to followers of our long-term test Audi RS3, and the sports exhaust will leave passers-by in on doubt of your intent.

Prices begin at £48,945 for the TT RS Plus manual coupe, and stretch to £52,265 for the TT RS Plus Roadster with the S-tronic ‘box, representing a £3085 premium over the standard TT RS. 

>> Does the Audi TT RS Plus fix what’s lacking in Audi’s small sports car, or take overcompensation to new heights? Share your thoughts in the comments section below