BMW wireless charging wins Parkers Tech Innovation 2019 award

Published: 20 September 2018

► Wireless charging cuts out cables
► Coming to market next year
► Will be the first brand to do it

While range improves on a monthly basis, the annoyance of charging still represents a inconvenience when owning an EVs. Topping up your electric cars with cables is cumbersome at best, and usually awkward – and that’s why we’ve given the Parkers Tech Innovation award in association with CAR to BMW’s game-changing wireless charging tech.

BMW’s charging technology will allow you to charge its EVs without by simply parking over a wireless charging pad, and that’ll take out a good chunk of hassle for EV owners. It’s a small thing, but seriously smooths out the EV experience on a da- to-day basis. We’ve seen BMW experiment with wireless charging on its Formula E safety cars for the last few years – and other brands demonstrate the tech – but the German carmaker will now be the first to bring it to market in 2019.

Here’s how wireless charging works

Parkers editor Keith Adams said of the game-changer: ‘The popularity of BEVs is burgeoning, as an increasing number of buyers switch on the undoubted benefits of fuel-free motoring. However, one major irritation is the charging cables, which can be a pain to use, especially in poor weather conditions. They also rob a car of valuable boot space.

So, to see BMW get to market first with a production version, due before the end of 2019, which will work on the company’s BEVs and PHEVs is a brilliant achievement, and a further step towards fuel-free cars becoming completely mainstream.’

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