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Ferrari World - Abu Dhabi | Ferrari theme park

Published: 29 October 2009

The Formula 1 circus has descended upon Abu Dhabi for the finale of the 2009 championship this week, and when the GP crowd returns in 2010 alongside the track will be Ferrari World, a Ferrari-influenced theme park. It’s been delayed slightly, but CAR Online has the latest update on the potentially record-breaking theme park being built next to the F1 circuit on Yas Island.

Which records will Ferrari World break, exactly?

According to the designers, not only will Ferrari World be the largest indoor theme park on Earth, but it will also house the fastest roller coaster. Speeds of ‘over 200km/h’ are promised, although it will have to breach the 217km/h set by the roller coaster at the Nurburgring before it can claim the top spot.

The focal point in the centre of the design is a 60-metre high ‘G-Force Tower’, which will poke out through a glass funnel sunk into the unusual looking structure.

Talking about design, how did they come up with that unusual shape?

The side profile is said to be developed using the shape and proportions of the double curve found on Ferrari’s cars. From above, the building comprises a central shield area and three ‘tri-form’ arms which can be split into six identically-sized areas. This provides enough room for a total of 20 rides. There will also be a flexible performance space which will accommodate up to 15,000 people for music concerts on race weekends.
The building is the brainchild of British architects Benoy, the company behind Kent’s Bluewater shopping centre and the Bullring in Birmingham.

When, and more importantly, why?

Due to open in 2010 and set right smack bang in the centre of Yas Island, the park is being built adjacent to the Formula 1 track at Yas Marina, which hosts its first GP this weekend. This means several million motor racing fans will see the 65m-long Prancing Horse badge on the roof of the structure on race day.

Might help shift a few more cars for Ferrari, who only this week released details of a drop in sales in the first three quarters of 2009 after boasting its best year ever in ’08.

By Gareth Evans

Contributor, historic racer and now running sister title Motor Cycle News's website