Gordon Murray Design T27 crash tested

Published: 19 January 2011

The original Smart car probably did more than its fair share to persuade us that small cars needn't necessarily be unsafe. But now Gordon Murray is on the same mission: to persuade us that his titchy T27 city car is as safe as houses too.

Gordon Murray Design has just issued its first crash test results, showing a T27 electric car after a crash test at the UK's MIRA industry research lab. 

What happens when you smash a T27 into a wall

The crash test in question was the European-standard 40% offset deformable barrier front high-speed impact. Although this is no independent Euro NCAP style test, the company claims there was 'zero cabin intrusion'.

The T27, and indeed the suite of small cars spun from the same platform, uses Murray's patented iStream production system. It's based around a composite monocoque, which is why the passenger cell withstood the impact pictured so effectively.

The engineering boffins speak

Engineering director Frank Coppuck said: 'This crash test represents a major milestone in vehicle safety and in the history of Gordon Murray Design.

'It clearly demonstrates that cars built using iStream technology can achieve low weight, cost and significant reductions in energy usage during manufacturing without compromising safety.'

The first running prototypes of the T27 electric car will be on the road in spring 2011. The project has been boosted by a £4.5 million investment from the Government's Technology Strategy Board.

By Tim Pollard

Editorial director of CAR's digital publishing arm. Motoring news magnet