Gordon Murray Group announces new Technology division, reveals EV activity

Published: 30 June 2022

GMG expands capabilities
GMT already working on two EV projects
Murray personally overseeing design and development

The Gordon Murray Group (GMG) has appointed a new CEO and divided into two major divisions – Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) and Gordon Murray Technology (GMT) – as it continues its crusade to revolutionise car manufacturing.

Murray himself becomes GMG executive chairman, where he will remain responsible for all product design and development. Philip Lee becomes the new chief executive officer, taking the lead on future growth as well as financial and commercial performance.

What does the new Gordon Murray Technology arm do?

GMT has been established in part to support the existing Automotive division, but also to develop future electric vehicles for other companies. It incorporates Gordon Murray Design and Gordon Murray Electronics.

And while Gordon Murray Automotive remains on track to deliver its sold-out supercar line-up of T.50, T.50s Niki Lauda and T.33 – with the first T.50 models set to reach customers before the end of 2022 – Gordon Murray Technology already has two EV projects on the go, and is in ‘advanced discussions with global automotive businesses’ for further work.

According to Murray, ‘there is a lot more exciting news to come.’

Gordon Murray Automotive supercars: T.50 (blue), T.50s (orange) and T.33 (silver)

He continues: ‘Despite the success of GMA, our major growth opportunity now lies with Gordon Murray Technology. We have a best-in-class highly talented team, capable of working with a global client base, transforming electric vehicles, connectivity and, eventually, autonomous transportation.

‘There are innovative projects already in the pipeline and we have plans to further increase our influence on global vehicle development and transformative manufacturing processes with the latest incarnation of iStream®.’

What kind of EV projects is Gordon Murray involved with?

Both the current projects are for ‘advanced all-electric SUVs’.

One of these is for ‘a major car manufacturer’ – which is good news for GMT, obviously, but also lays open the tantalising prospect that the other might be coming to fruition under Gordon Murray Automotive’s own label. So to speak.

Electric SUVs don’t sound very Gordon Murray…

Murray is famously committed to lightweight design, the removal of complexity and purity of the driving experience, which does seem at odds with both SUVs and electrification. But with the world very much moving in those directions, there is perhaps a call for pragmatism. And, with that, innovation.

‘People will reconsider what electric vehicles are capable of,’ Murray says, ‘and I am looking forward to personally overseeing these fascinating projects.’

Underlining that no marbles have gone missing here, the announcement of Gordon Murray Technology comes with the confirmation that GMT will adhere to the same seven key principles as Gordon Murray Automotive. These are:

  • Driving perfection
  • Performance through light-weighting
  • Engineering excellence
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Disruptive technologies
  • Low energy solutions
  • Innovation by design

These will apparently ‘ensure that its projects and products embody the ethos of the group and they represent the best in class performance, energy efficiency, design, innovation and sustainability.’

It’s easy to talk the talk – has the group got the resources to walk the walk?

This is where new Gordon Murray Group CEO Philip Lee comes in. Previously the chief financial officer as well as the CEO of Gordon Murray Automotive, and prior to that the chief financial officer of Lotus, Lee is the man charged with making the sums all add up. So far it seems to be working.

‘We are already bucking the trend: a UK headquartered automotive business that is well funded, profitable, and growing quickly,’ Lee says. ‘This robust and focused plan for our business builds on that platform and prepares us well for further expansion and success. Not just for Gordon Murray Automotive, but for Gordon Murray Technology which is already applying its world-leading vehicle design, development, and manufacturing expertise to creating lightweight, game-changing electric vehicles.

‘We’re confident that we can attract many new customers that will take advantage of our leading technologies and expertise.’

Pouring the cement round the rebar, the Gordon Murray Group has already tripled in size since 2020 and is on track to have quadrupled by the end of 2022. In 2024 it will open a new £50m Global Headquarters and Technology Campus in Windlesham, Surrey.

Another facility in Warwick has already opened, to take advantage of the technology expertise in that area, and the company is now investigating expanding into the USA.

By CJ Hubbard

Head of the Bauer Automotive Hub, road tester, organiser, extremely variable average wheel count