Maserati could launch electric sports car to rival Tesla

Published: 19 June 2016

► Maserati considering full EV
► CEO Marchionne eyes up Tesla
► Alfieri could spawn electric coupe

Fiat Chrysler chief Sergio Marchionne has revealed that the company is considering several EVs - including an all-electric Maserati sports car to take the fight to Tesla.

The elegant Alfieri coupe could spawn a battery-powered version, he hinted, topping an electric portfolio that already starts with the bijou Fiat 500e sold in north America only. 

Electric Maseratis: watch out Tesla

Marchionne told news agency Bloomberg: ‘I’ve always thought the economic model that supports Tesla is something that Fiat Chrysler could replicate as we have the brand and the vehicles to do it. I think that to use one of our potential cars as an experiment in this area is interesting.’

However, don’t hold your breath for anything soon; he told reporters that an all-electric Alfieri is not in the current five-year new-model plan, which ends in 2018. His own reign at FCA is scheduled to terminate in 2019, when he's due to retire.

Marchionne admitted that the US-only Fiat 500e (below) lost the company $10,000 for each model sold in 2014; it only exists to comply with tough Californian emissions standards.

The Fiat 500e: allegedly lost the company $10,000 for each one sold in 2014

By Tim Pollard

Editorial director of CAR's digital publishing arm. Motoring news magnet