McLaren to produce more MSO Bespoke models

Published: 21 August 2017

► More MSO Bespoke cars
► Much like X-1 concept
► Could see one as early as 2019

McLaren is in discussion with owners and potential new buyers about creating more unique one-off cars.

Talks with potential new customers at the Pebble Beach Concours event and wider Monterey Car Week have bump-started the brand’s ambitions to do more in the future.

Now, MSO Bespoke can mean anything when it comes to customisation. Bespoke McLarens can simply have a uniquely-coloured panel or key right up to MSO’s exposed carbon bodywork. The latest example of MSO’s handiwork was the one-off ‘Fux Fuchsia’ 720S revealed at Monterey Car Week, which had a colour and interior combo that was and will remain entirely exclusive to that car.

McLaren has gone further than that before, however. Remember the X-1 Concept? It was a completely unique car built on the same platform as the McLaren 12C and specified to a particular owner’s requirements.

McLaren X-1 rear quarter

The X-1 had a completely bespoke shape inspired by cars like the Citroen SM, Facel Vega and Chrysler d’Elegance Ghia, but had to be usable every day. Coincidentally, that car was also unveiled at the Pebble Beach Concours in 2012.

McLaren is in a position to do more of these bespoke models to help flesh out its MSO brand, but the talks are just preliminary. CAR understands that there aren’t any fully-bespoke models in production at the moment but the brand could show off its next properly unique car as early as 2019. We’ll have to wait and see.

Bespoke creations from well-known marques are becoming more frequent than ever. Rolls-Royce created the Sweptail for one of its most valued customers, and Ken Okuyama revealed his one-off Kode 0 at The Quail.

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By Jake Groves

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