McLaren: New P1 coming, plus 17 other models by 2025

Published: 12 July 2018

► New P1
► 17 other models...

► ...and that doesn’t include the 600LT

McLaren has confirmed that it will produce 18 new models up until 2025 as part of a hybrid£1.2bn expansion plan. At the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the British carmaker revealed one of the new models will be a P23 hypercar and replacement for the existing P1 Ultimate Series car.

Dubbed ‘the ultimate expression of McLaren expertise and prowess’ by Global Sales and Marketing Director Jolyon Nash, the new P1 will arrive towards the end of the slew of new models.

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The McLaren 600LT supercar, first seen in Geneva and launched at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed, is not included in the 18 new models.

McLaren hybrid takeover

By 2025, all McLaren Sport Series and Super Series models will feature a hybrid powertrain, with only the Ultimate Series cars relying on regular combustion power.

This comes as McLaren also has plans to develop a lighter, super fast-charging, high-power battery system for ‘performance applications’. Allegedly capable of up to 180 miles on the road and ‘up to 10 laps of the Nardo test track’ the new battery system could pave the way for an all-electric McLaren performance car in the future.

McLaren SUV is out of the question

Despite the introduction of high-riding 4x4s from rivals Porsche and Lamborghini, McLaren has confirmed it have no plans to build an SUV of its own – at least until 2025.

Jolyon Nash went on to add that SUVs are ‘the antithesis of lightweight and supercar’, two things that embody what modern McLaren cars are about.

Projected sales up to 6,000 per year

With 86 retailers in 31 markets, McLaren has seen a 93% increase in sales year-to-date, with particular growth coming from the Chinese market.

Employee numbers are currently at 2,300 with plans to expand to 2,500, while the new production plant in Sheffield will bring the proportion of parts built in the UK up to 57%.

By James Dennison

Head of automotive video for CAR magazine and our sister website