A pick-up in demand: Merc X-class on sale before it's even been shown

Published: 03 February 2017

► Mercedes X-class on sale already
► Before it's even been shown!
► Place deposits from this week 

This is a new one on us: a pick-up that's so in demand, UK dealers are taking orders before the truck's even bared its face.

That's the position Mercedes-Benz is in, with its new X-class pick-up.

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When does the Mercedes X-class go on sale?

Not until 2018 - but you can now place a £1000 deposit to be first in the queue to drive one. The vehicle you see here is the X-class concept truck; the final production pick-up will be shown later in summer 2017.

It's Mercedes-Benz's first step into the growing utility segment and the company claims to be resetting the premium bar in the pick-up sector.

The truck is, however, based on a Nissan Navara architecture, albeit with bespoke Merc engines, trims and styling accoutrements. Its project codename? Project Andrew, as revealed in our development story here...

The new Mercedes X-class pick-up in detail

By Tim Pollard

Editorial director of CAR's digital publishing arm. Motoring news magnet