No AMG versions of new Maybach models, boss confirms

Published: 21 November 2014

Mercedes’ newly resurrected Maybach band and AMG are the twin peaks of Benz’s product portfolio, but you’ll never see an official car bearing both names, the company says.

Dr Hermann-Joseph Storp, director of development for the S-class, said the badges would remain separate, although we’re willing to bet that the aftermarket industry will be more than happy to AMG-ify one of the new Maybachs when deliveries begin next year.

Why the Maybach shall remain AMG-free

Storp denied that the failure of the last Maybach project had damaged the desirability of Benz’s halo brand.

‘I don’t think it has done any harm,’ he told CAR at the LA Motor Show. ‘We sold over 3000 cars and still have many customers asking us for another car like this, people who’ve owned and appreciated the old Maybach.

More Maybachs in the pipeline…

Storp also confirmed that Mercedes was looking at extending the Maybach name to other Mercedes-Benz cars.

‘We haven’t decided yet, but we’d consider it if the business case stacked up.’

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By Chris Chilton

Contributing editor, ace driver, wit supplier, mischief maker