MG TF likely to die this year

Published: 16 February 2011

The venerable MG TF is likely to be axed this year after 16 years of production.

The new Chinese-owned MG company has manufactured a few hundred TFs in Longbridge as it’s taken its first tentative steps towards relaunching the famous brand in its home market.

But Brits have bought just a handful of TFs since its relaunch in 2008. MG sold 133 of its two-seater roadster in 2008, 374 in 2009 and 282 in 2010. 

MG TF: 1995-2011?

Guy Jones, sales and marketing director of MG Motor UK, said they were no longer building the TF at Longbridge.

‘We have around 100 TFs left in stock and you can still buy one today,’ Jones told CAR. ‘We will make an announcement on its future this year. In theory we could build one more batch but we’d need the demand to justify the cost.’

MG: the future

With its storied sports car history, MG would relish another roadster to replace the TF. Instead the first products of the new SAIC-owned MG will be the 6 family car and 3 supermini. A crossover SUV could follow and once the range is fully established, we can expect more sporting derivatives.

The TF was a successful product for MG, capturing the everyman spirit of its forebears with a clever mid-engined, rear-drive package. Even in its twilight years, it has proved a sharp steer but was left behind in cabin quality and fit and finish.

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By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, motoring news magnet