The double-bubble bursts: only 100 Peugeot RCZ coupes left in UK showrooms

Published: 13 February 2016

► Fewer than 100 RCZs left
► But no R models
► And it won’t be replaced…

The Peugeot RCZ isn’t for this world much longer: there are fewer than 100 models left in UK dealers, CAR has learned – spelling the beginning of the end for the double-bubble sports coupe.

The Audi TT rival arrived in 2010, but has always remained a rare-groove sports car in Peugeot’s line-up. It is one of the casualties of the newly refocused product strategy under new PSA chief Carlos Tavares – not helped by the fact that it’s not built on the latest group architecture.

Why Peugeot won’t replace the RCZ

When we spoke to Tavares a year ago, he said sports models were less important to the business than having viable, profitable mainstream models. His goal? To rationalise the range from 45 to 26 models by 2022, hence the RCZ being dropped.

‘I think we will move more to sporty derivatives of mainstream cars, rather than dedicated sports cars,’ he told CAR. ‘Dealers will tell you I’m making 80% of my business with just four cars. Peugeot dealers will say 208, 308, 2008 and 3008 – end of story.

‘We are completely fragmenting everything, diluting the resources, diluting the power of the company by making too many cars on a regional basis instead of by focusing and having one global car on which you focus all the talent of the company. Frankly at 26 [models], it’s still too many, but if I say less people will commit suicide! I just have to say 26.’

The RCZs left in stock

Fewer than 100 RCZ coupes are in the UK dealer network – and there are precious few R models in there, CAR understands.

This has always been a niche car for Peugeot UK; it sells around 1500 RCZs a year here. Compare that with the 30,000 units of the 208 sold annually, and you realise the scale of the challenge.

The RCZ's best angle: that famously double-bubble roof

By Tim Pollard

Editorial director of CAR's digital publishing arm. Motoring news magnet