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Tesla reveals new entry-level Model S 60 and 60D

Published: 10 June 2016

► Entry-level S 60 starts at £53,400
► All-wheel drive 60D costs £57,800
► Claimed range of 248 miles

Tesla has introduced a new entry-level ‘60’ variant to the Model S range, following requests from customers for a more affordable version of the company’s electric saloon.

The new rear-drive Model S 60 starts at £53,400, while the all-wheel-drive 60D will cost £57,800. Both versions come as standard with a 75kWh battery that is limited to 60kWh initially – more on that later – and have a claimed range of 248 miles.

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OK, you have my attention now, tell me more….

To further entice potential customers, PCP payments can be set as low as £410 per month, for a 36-month contract – if you’re willing to put down a deposit of £13,445, that is.

Unlike Model 3 owners, customers will have the ability to use Tesla’s supercharging network for free.

Is it still quick?

Tesla says that the 60 will complete the 0-60mph sprint in a not-so-shabby 5.5secs, while its all-wheel drive brother completes the same sprint in 5.2secs. Both will go on to reach a top speed of 130mph. 

Both models will be fitted as standard with a 75kWh battery pack, but the capacity out of the factory will be capped at 60kWh. Customers can later opt for a longer range with a simple over-the-air software update for the full beans. At a cost, of course – it’ll set you back a painful £7850 if you opt for it after delivery. 

And what about the features?

Tesla says: ‘The new Model S 60 is a fundamentally better car at a better value than Tesla has ever offered before.’ Here’s what’s included, this time around:  

  • As standard, it receives updated exterior styling including a new front fascia design, side rockers, LED headlamps and a rear diffuser
  • Interior updates with changes to the centre console, phone-charging dock and new décor options  
  • Active safety features and Autopilot hardware come as standard, but the Autopilot functionality remains an optional extra
  • Also new is an improved internal charger, upping the ampage from 40 to 48 to speed up home charging

Customers can order the new Model S 60 and 60D now. 

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By Matt Bell

Former digital intern at CAR