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Tesla unveils new £64k 'entry level' Model X 60D

Published: 13 July 2016

► Tesla Model X 60D launched
► Less costly entry-level version
► On sale now for £64,100

Tesla's 'Falcon'-winged Model X crossover just got a little more accessible, thanks to the introduction of a less expensive 60D version.

Well, less expensive in comparative terms, anyway – it'll still set you back £64,100. That's £7800 less than the current entry-level model, the Tesla Model X 75D.

The lower-capacity battery pack of the new 60D does reduce the claimed range to 220 miles, however; the pricier Tesla Model X 75D manages 259 miles.

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Is it still quick?

The new Model X 60D's performance figures aren't to be sniffed at. In good conditions, Tesla claims it'll sprint from 0-60mph in 6.0sec - and it's capable of 130mph flat-out. Just don't expect the battery range to last long if you drive like that...

As with all Model Xs, the 60D is all-wheel drive, making it better suited to those regularly driving in inclement conditions.

When's the Tesla Model X due to arrive in showrooms?

Readers in the UK can configure and order a new 60D now, but deliveries aren't scheduled to begin until early 2017.

We might hold off buying one just yet, however, given that the Model X has drawn a fair few criticisms regarding build quality and reliability. Here's hoping that those teething troubles get dialled out soon...

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By Lewis Kingston

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