VW bounces back from Dieselgate to set new sales record in 2017

Published: 29 December 2017

► VW builds over 6m cars
► New production record
► Still fighting emissions probe

Emissions crisis, what emissions crisis? Volkswagen is on course to set a new production record in 2017, as more than six million cars have rolled out of its factories worldwide with several days of the year to go. It’s the first time VW has exceeded the 6m threshold.

Wolfsburg, which builds cars at more than 50 factories in 14 countries, says its most popular models in 2017 globally were:

  1. Jetta
  2. Golf
  3. Santana
  4. Passat
  5. Polo

VW has built more than 150m vehicles in the past 72 years and its product portfolio now stretches to more than 60 models.

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VW emissions scandal: still rumbling on into 2018

Today’s production milestone reflects that Volkswagen has rebounded well from 2015’s diesel emissions scandal. But despite rising production and sales, the crisis still rumbles on more than two years later.

In separate news today, it has emerged that VW’s management is petitioning Germany’s constitutional court in a bid to block the appointment of an independent auditor to probe its behaviour during 2015’s Dieselgate scandal.

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By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, motoring news magnet