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Lamborghini Countach - Cannonball Run

Published: 20 October 2008

Ranking: 39      

Year of release: 1981

The car: Black Lambo Countach driven by the beautiful Jill Rivers and Marcie Thatcher.

Why it’s special: The film is based on the real Cannonball Run (of sorts) – an illegal road race organised by car journo and the movie’s screenwriter Brock Yates. The movie jammed with interesting cars, chases and a star-studded cast all eager to drive, speed and cheat their way to victory.

Best bit: The Lambo drivers successfully avoid any speeding fines by showing off ample cleavage to traffic officers who stop them. But this worthy technique is foiled when a similarly busty female traffic cop pulls them over.

Pub fact: Screenwriter Yates originally wanted Steve McQueen for the lead role of JJ McLure – but he died just before filming started. Burt Reynolds filled the role instead..

Plot overview: A bizarre bunch of multi-national entrants gather to take part in a trans-American motor race. The idea, highly illegal as it is, is to reach California first, by any means necessary. The dirty tricks of this bunch of racers, however, threatens to all but destroy the competition entirely. Seventies stuff and nonsense – but fun nevertheless with a crazy ensemble cast of celebrities of the era

For: What’s not to like about a black Lambo piloted by a pair of Eighties totty?

Against: The Lambo isn’t centre stage in the Cannonball Run

CAR verdict: Another movie moment for Sant’Agata

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By Ged Maxwell

Contributor, steady of helm, firm of view