Land Rover offsets CO2

Published: 06 August 2007

Land Rover is giving more of its customers the opportunity to tick the ‘guilt reduction’ box on the options list of their 4x4s by extending its carbon offsetting scheme.

In September 2006, Land Rover introduced a scheme to let new-car buyers offset their CO2 emissions for the first 45,000 miles via a one-off green tax of between £85 and £165. The cash is then invested in worldwide ecological schemes like wind farms and renewable fuels. But the eco warriors hassling Land Rover have demanded more, and the scheme has now been extended to cover older cars and those driving more than 45,000 miles. Money raised is spent by specialist CO2 offset provider Climate Care on green energy schemes around the world. 'Land Rover takes its responsibility to the environment seriously and demand for a voluntary offset scheme shows us owners share our commitment,' said Land Rover boss Phil Popham. 'This programme will enable them to make a difference now and will be of real benefit to communities, the environment and wildlife.' Land Rover is desperate to improve its environmental credentials, as the CO2 debate focuses more on the most polluting vehicles. It now offsetts the CO2 generated by production at its two UK manufacturing plants, and the firm is developing hybrid technology - but it's playing catch-up with Japanese manufacturers like Lexus.