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CES 2018: car news round-up from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show

Published: 12 January 2018

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The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas isn’t just a show for the latest in robotics and smart devices – it’s fast becoming a boon for car manufacturers to show off the latest in car tech.

CES 2018 is based in the Las Vegas Convention Centre and is better known as THE place to show off all of your new gizmos from smart fridges to anatomically-correct robots to foldable 8K TVs. Beside all of that, car brands are quickly realising that CES is also THE place to demonstrate their latest innovations.

Read on for our A-Z of news from the 2018 CES show.


Byton Concept

Byton concept CES

If a Tesla Model X crossed paths with a Range Rover Velar, this is probably how it would look. The Byton Concept is an absolute tech-fest and has intel and engineering knowledge from both ex-Apple and ex-BMW employees.



Thought Fisker was dead? Think again. This mad butterfly-doored EV promises a nine-minute charge time when using ‘ultra-fast’ chargers, 400-mile range and Aston Vantage styling at the rear. Yours for around £95k.


Waze for Sync 3

Ford Waze CES

Ford and Waze teamed up at CES to announce full integration for the active traffic avoiding sat-nav system into Ford’s Sync 3 infotainment kit. It’s accessed via a smartphone with the app installed, which is connected to the car.



Genovation GXE CES

Electric Corvette, anyone? The Genovation GXE is a proper EV based on a Corvette Grand Sport, good for a sub-3 second 0-60mph time and a 220mph top speed thanks to 800hp and 700lb ft. That huge top speed is down to the use of a good ol’ fashioned manual gearbox rather than a reduction gearbox used in other EVs.



Hyundai is one of the few car makers that have managed to get the ball rolling in terms of actual production cars that run on hydrogen (Toyota Mirai, anyone?). First came the ix35 Fuel Cell and now the NEXO.

Hyundai claims 370 miles on one tank, comes with AI-assisted voice recognition, wellness systems and some self-driving tech and sits on a dedicated platform.


Niro EV Concept

Remember the Niro? Of course you don’t. It’s Kia’s hybrid or PHEV crossover that has the aim of making the powertrain tech more accessible to more people. Kia has promised a full electric version of the Niro almost since it was launched – now it’s here, in striking concept car form, at least.


MBUX infotainment system

MBUX infotainment

Merc’s new infotainment system uses massive screens, AI and touchscreens (unlike the current COMAND system) and has been completely redesigned.


Leaf and Brain-to-Vehicle tech

Nissan is using the tech show as another excuse to show off its volume-selling Leaf EV, and to demonstrate its brain-to-vehicle tech, which is designed to use signs from the brain to predict and enhance driver assistance systems


Snap Concept

EV skateboard chassis + lift-off pods = flexible autonomous vehicles for all eventualities.


e-Palette autonomous concept

Another autonomous electric box on wheels designed to help with logistics and ride sharing. Mazda, Amazon and Pizza Hut are among the partners.

Three sizes of e-Palette make for ultimate flexibility and mean smaller ones can be used for ride sharing while larger ones make long-distance deliveries.

By CAR's road test team

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