Dodge Viper gets more power

Published: 23 January 2007

An even more powerful Viper SRT-10? What’s new?

The revised V10 super-coupe was shown at this month’s Detroit Motor Show in new 2008-model year spec; a trip to the muscle clinic has liberated an extra 90bhp, taking the 8.4-litre’s power output to a heady 600bhp. Thank a 100cc hike in capacity. How to spot the newest Viper? Easy. The bonnet is restyled with new air scoops, the alloy wheels are redesigned and there will be a range of five new paint jobs on offer when sales get underway this summer. Coupe and roadster Vipers will continue to be offered.

So the Viper remains pretty darn fast then?

You bet. Torque also jumps to 560lb ft, helping the Viper sprint to the benchmark 60mph in less than 4.0sec. Dodge now quotes a 0-100-0mph time of under 12 seconds, while a series of chassis improvements are designed to make the Viper corner and brake more effectively. The SRT-10 was driven onstage at the Detroit show by NEXTEL Cup driver Kurt Busch. Sadly, however, the latest Viper SRT-10 won’t make it to UK showrooms…

Gutted… why don’t we get the newest model?

Only a handful of Vipers are sold here each year (for £69,990 apiece) and DaimlerChrysler UK imports left-hand-drive 2004-model year cars. ‘We literally sell two or three a year – and the newest cars are reserved for the north American market,’ said a spokesman. That means that UK buyers get the SRT-10 with ‘only’ 500bhp. However, they do get the unusual side-exit exhaust shooting out ahead of the front doors; much cooler than the new model’s pipes placed further back.

By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, motoring news magnet