Peugeot Fractal concept: an angry looking ‘urban coupe’

Published: 01 September 2015

► Peugeot Fractal concept will make debut at Frankfurt
► Features upgraded i-cockpit first seen on 2012 208
► Powered by a 201bhp electric motor with 280-mile range

Meet Peugeot’s latest concept, the all-electric Fractal. With a muscular, futuristic exterior, could this be Peugeot’s MX-5 beater? Sitting just 3.8m long, and 1.7m wide, it certainly has the characteristics to compete in the super-mini division, and with a collapsible roof, it does the best of both coupe and convertible worlds. The concept will make its debut at the 2015 Frankfurt motor show.

Despite its aerodynamically focussed body, Peugeot says it aims to improve driver experience with an upgraded version of i-cockpit that first featured on the 2012 208. The Fractal’s main shouting point comes from its 9.1.2 sound system that looks to be fit for competition at your local modified car meet. With its wide rear arches, and sharp lines, it doesn’t look like it’ll be too out of place there, either. 

Peugeot Fractal concept: spaceship looks, does it have spaceship power?

Despite the aggressive looks, not quite. The lithium-ion battery that powers the concept produces 201bhp, according to Peugeot, which can propel the Fractal from 0-62mph in 6.8sec thanks to power being sent to the rear axle. 

It’s no heavy lump though, Peugeot says the Fractal concept weighs in at just 1000kg. Its lightweight structure helps the electric motor to achieve that sub-7sec acceleration time, whilst also helping the concept complete a respectable 280-mile range, Peugeot says. The lithium-ion batteries are also placed in centrally housed tunnels in order to improve the Fractal’s centre of gravity and weight distribution.

Wide rear arches add to the muscular design

The 9.1.2 system and Fractal’s futuristic cabin

The name 9.1.2 represents the number of speakers (nine), the number of bass-boxes (one) and the number ‘tactile-bass’ systems (two, which is apparently a world premier; they target your inner ear, pop pickers). This is the design work of the Science Technologies Exploratory Lean Laboratory (StelLab), a partnership comprising of PSA Peugeot Citroen experts and academics from across the world. Exterior sound has been added in order to alert pedestrians of the Fractal’s presence, a requirement of all electric-vehicles from 2019 onwards.

Peugeot has also developed a variable audio sat-nav system that works by sound changes, which determine how far the driver is from a direction change. Initially appearing to be in front of the vehicle, sound will eventually become nearer, until eventually emitting either side of the driver depending on which way they are turning, Peugeot says. 

Fractal’s interior comprised of 3D printing

Step inside the Fractal and meet the world of 3D printing. According to Peugeot, 80% of the materials used in the interior trim have come from the relatively new technology. A 7.7inch AMOLED screen is situated within the centre console, and a holographic head-up display sits on the windscreen in front of the driver, with touchpads on the steering wheel to control Fractal functions. 

The concept also connects with Samsung’s Gear S smart-watch, this allows for the Fractal’s features such as door-opening controls, air-con settings and battery levels to be remotely accessed via the watch.

By Matt Bell

Former digital intern at CAR