More carbonfibre, sir? McLaren Special Operations P1 and 675LT unveiled

Published: 02 March 2016

► McLaren Special Operations at Geneva
► Offer bespoke upgrades and finishes
► Personalised P1 and 675LT on show

A hefty price tag and limited run of 375 makes the McLaren P1 pretty exclusive, but if you want true unicorn status then you’ll need to get in touch with McLaren Special Operations.

These bespoke engineers will take your car to the next level with custom modifications, like a 24-carat gold exhaust heatshield and custom paint and interior finishes.

The owner of one such P1 – featuring natural carbonfibre beneath a layer of brilliant blue lacquer – agreed to leave it parked up at the 2016 Geneva motor show so everyone could have a look around.

What’s it like up close?

As you can imagine, pretty special. The glass-like ‘Lio Blue’ lacquer finish draws your attention to the bodywork and reveals the clearly visible pattern of the carbonfibre weave below.

This is teamed with a carbon black Alcantara retrim inside, featuring contrasting blue stitching, and mirrored by gloss black wheels.

McLaren fans will recognise the 24-carat gold exhaust heatshield too, which takes its cues from the F1 supercar.

MSO McLaren P1

Do MSO only customise the P1?

If you’ve got a McLaren, old or new, MSO will happily tailor it to your specification. Another example of the division’s work was on display at the show – a specially honed 675LT Spider

Don’t get too excited, because every car in that 500-strong model run has already been accounted for. This one had a ‘Ceramic Grey’ paint job and loads more carbonfibre, including satin-effect composite versions of its retractable hardtop and tonneau, saving a whole kilogram.

The airbrake is body coloured on top but shows off its carbonfibre underwear when extended, and there are other similarly contrasting finishes dotted around the car.

Alcantara trimmed racing seats are picked out in contrasting ‘Xenon Yellow’ stitch, and the 24-carat gold heatshield for the titanium exhaust system makes another appearance.

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By Adam Binnie

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