AMG hypercar: the first picture

Published: 01 September 2017

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Mercedes-AMG has issued the first official teaser image of its upcoming Project One hypercar, which will be revealed in full at the 2017 Frankfurt motor show. Mercedes has confirmed the two-seater’s F1-derived hybrid powertrain will have a total power output in excess of 1000 metric horsepower, and the car will have a top speed in excess of 350kmh (217mph).

The new 2019 AMG R50 hypercar was previously flashed up at the 2017 Geneva motor show in the picture below:

AMG Hypercar

This is an official look at the rear silhouette of what is clearly a race car for the road – with a central spine running the length of the car (like an LMP1 car’s), two huge ram-air NACA vents and not much of a rear window.

And this one really is a road-racer… it’s got an F1 engine!

Indeed. And plenty of active aero. Which might explain why it’s going to cost from €2,275,000, plus local taxes. Let’s call it £2.3 million in good old imperial pounds.

The new AMG R50 is going to be especially exclusive, as a result. Daimler says it will build no more than 275 cars and is anticipating a power-to-weight ratio of one kilogramme per horsepower.

Speaking at the 2017 Geneva show, R&D board member Ola Källenius gave a sneak preview of the Mercedes-AMG hypercar. ‘Later this year we will show you what we can do with Formula 1 hybrid technology in a  a roadgoing hypercar,’ he said. ‘Clearly AMG can be extremely electrifying.’

He said the earlier SLS E-Cell battery electric coupe from 2010 showed that Mercedes-Benz has been developing rare and rapid EVs for some time.

Click here for our earlier report – with artist’s impression – on the new supercar.

When does the AMG R50 hypercar hit the road?

While the hypercar will be revealed in show car form on home soil at the Frankfurt motor show in September 2017 – just in time for AMG’s golden anniversary celebrations – first deliveries aren’t slated to begin until 2019.

Sounds like the start of the next power war… Is this Daimler’s Bugatti Veyron moment?

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AMG R50 artist's impression by Auto Bild/JF Huber

By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, motoring news magnet