Meet the 2017 Bentley Continental Supersports: the most powerful Bentley to date

Published: 06 January 2017

► Fastest production Bentley model yet
► World’s biggest carbon ceramic brakes
► Available as a Coupe or Convertible

This, says Bentley, is the fastest, most powerful production car it has created so far: the 2017 Bentley Continental Supersports.

Moreover, Bentley claims the 209mph Supersports Coupe is the world’s fastest four-seater car, and its 205mph Convertible sibling the world’s fastest four-seater drop-top.

2017 Bentley Continental GT Supersports: the stats

  • 0-62mph 3.5sec (3.9sec for the Convertible)
  • Top speed 209mph (205mph for the Convertible)
  • Engine output 700bhp and 750lb ft

The 6.0-litre W12 engine’s extra power, a 79bhp increase over the previous Continental Supersports launched in 2009, comes from new larger turbochargers and a redesigned, improved charge-air cooling system – which enables the boost to be turned up a little further. The engine also benefits from a revised exhaust system and uprated internals, including new conrod bearings.

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Carbon-ceramic brakes are standard, and claimed to be the largest of their type available on any current production car. The 21in alloys are made of forged alloy, saving 20kg in unsprung mass compared with those of the regular Bentley Continental GT.

So it’ll go and stop rather quickly – what about corners?

Suspension is lower and stiffer than standard, although Bentley nonetheless claims the Supersport will offer ‘luxurious’ ride quality, courtesy of computer-controlled air suspension.

A recalibrated development of the torque vectoring system first fitted to 2014’s Continental GT3-R brakes individual wheels on corner exit to trim the car’s line and improve traction, and brakes the inside rear on turn-in to help quell understeer.

Bentley Continental Supersport 2017 interior

The stability control system has also been relaxed a notch or two.

Like the regular Conti GT, the Supersport is all-wheel-drive. Although 60% of the powertrain’s torque is fed to the rear wheels in the majority of circumstances, a greater amount is directed to the front axle when required to aid traction.

High carbonfibre content

A carbon splitter at the front and diffuser at the rear help cut lift, and there’s plenty more carbonfibre to be found in sill extensions, bonnet vents and front wing vents.

The Coupe’s also available with a yet-larger rear spoiler and front splitter aero pack as an option, and a titanium exhaust.

There’s a darkened theme to the styling too, with chrome swapped for gloss black across most of the exterior trim, along with gloss black exhaust tailpipes and dark tinted headlights and tail-lights.

How much?

You’ll pay £212,500 for the Bentley Continental Supersports coupe, and £233,800 for the convertible. Both versions go on sale in spring 2017.

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By James Taylor

CAR's deputy features editor, occasional racer