New BMW 5-series Touring: the Fifth Estate is here

Published: 31 January 2017

► New BMW 5-series Touring revealed
► 2017 executive estate shown in full
► See it at the Geneva motor show  

Bigger of boot, cleverer of tech and smoother of style... yes, it's the new 2017 BMW 5-series Touring, revealed today.

Actually, you might want to take a rain-check on the stylistics; isn't the new Five estate a little frumpier from some angles?

The rather bulbous dead-ahead front end is certainly quite arresting, with those huge headlamps bleeding into the grille...

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BMW 5-series Touring: a bold face

But it's business as usual at the more elegant rear - and that side profile will fool nobody. This is a classic BMW wagon from most angles.

It's sleek, too, with active aero at the front, helping massage airflow around the car. The smoothest, thinnest-tyred models have a drag coefficient of just 0.27 for potentially whisper-quiet cruising.

Crucially, BMW now claims a 1700-litre boot, once the rear seats are tumbled. Thank the 36mm stretch in length, +8mm width and +10mm height increase.

Seats up in day-to-day driving, the loadbay stretches to 570 litres. Pick a Mercedes-Benz E-class if boot volume is a priority.

When can I buy the new 2017 BMW 5-series Touring?

The new estate is available to order in February 2017, priced from £38,385.

New BMW 5-series Touring on the road

First deliveries are due to start in June 2017, with four engines available in the UK at launch - two of them with xDrive all-wheel drive. Watch out Quattro...

All models come with the eight-speed auto box as standard; where Professional sat-nav is fitted, it'll tweak gearchanges accordingly, by reading the road ahead.

Specs, engines

  • 520d 187bhp, 295lb ft, 139mph, 7.8sec 0-62mph, 65.6mpg, 114g/km, £38,385
  • 530d 261bhp, 457lb ft, 155mph, 5.8sec 0-62mph, 56.4mpg, 131g/km, £46,235
  • 530d xDrive 261bhp, 457lb ft, 155mph, 5.6sec 0-62mph, 51.3mpg, 144g/km, £48,235
  • 530i 249bhp, 258lb ft, 155mph, 6.5sec 0-62mph, 46.3mpg, 139g/km, £42,390
  • 540i xDrive 335bhp, 332lb ft, 155mph, 5.1sec 0-62mph, 37.6mpg, 172g/km, £49,460

Expect further engines, drivetrains and models in future.

Not least the new 600bhp M5, destined for launch later in 2017 - it's the first genuine M car to sport all-wheel drive.

The times in Munich, they are a'changing...

The business end: BMW 5-series boot

By Tim Pollard

Editorial director of CAR's digital publishing arm. Motoring news magnet