TechArt adds muscle to the Porsche 718 Cayman

Published: 01 March 2017

► Power up 50bhp to 395bhp
► 0-62mph in 3.9 seconds
► Bodykit, lowered suspension, custom interior

The 718 S series Porsche Cayman has been working out under the supervision of German tuning house TechArt, which is celebrating 30 years of tweaking Porsches.

The TechArt 718 Cayman makes its official debut at the 2017 Geneva motor show, and the go-faster engineering firm has also been busy with the 718 Boxster.

TechArt Cayman power kit

The oily bits

The 718 S 2.5 litre turbo flat-four has been massaged to 400bhp, a power hike of nearly 50bhp, courtesy of TechArt’s engine management system and exhaust system. Peak torque climbs too, from 310lb ft to 354lb ft.

With PDK transmission and launch control, the extra shove is enough to shave 0.3 seconds from the 718 Cayman and Boxster S series 0-62mph acceleration times, down to a supercar-troubling 3.9 seconds. The 0-100mph dash drops by 0.4 seconds to 8.8 seconds and top speed climbs to 185 mph, up from 178 mph.

While power’s been raised, the 718’s suspension has been lowered by 30mm, and attached to 21-inch TechArt alloys. Whether that enhances the standard 718’s sweet handling balance or otherwise remains to be seen.

TechArt 718 Cayman

The cosmetic bits

TechArt has also released a bodykit to go with the engine and suspension mods, including a two-piece front spoiler, new rear diffuser and outsized rear spoiler.

The Cayman in the pictures is fitted with the optional ‘spoiler II’ kit, but can be ordered with ‘spoiler I’ as fitted to the Boxster.  The Boxster is limited to the smaller spoiler.

Inside, there’s a customisable choice of leather finishes, stitching and carbon or lacquered seat back panels. You can, if you wish, order such delights as colour-matched instrument dials as well as carbon trims for dashboard, door panels and centre console.

You know what… I quite like it

A guilty pleasure maybe, but on the Cayman especially the TechArt package all hangs together rather well – and the 718s have always felt as though they could handle more power.

TechArt is showing three new models at the 2017 Geneva show as well as the original TechArt Porsche, a 928 S4 – click here for a full listing of all the new cars at the Geneva show.

By Martin Tilbrook

Contributor to CAR, winner of Phil Llewellin award for budding writers