Alfa Romeo at the London motor show 2008

Published: 24 July 2008

London motor show video

Although many journalists – including CAR – have already driven the Mito, the London motor show was the official public world premiere of Alfa’s new small car sensation. Click here for CAR’s first drive review of the Alfa Mito.

What’s new on Alfa Romeo’s London motor show stand?

Pride of place went to a red Mito and an 8C, both – Alfa promises – symbols of the sporty brand getting back to basics in terms of driver focus and quality. The UK-only Prodrive-fettled Brera S was also in attendance.

CAR’s Alfa Romeo highlight

For the many Brits attending the unveiling, Alfa global marketing director Sergio Cravero’s explanation as to why London was chosen was heart-warming. He told the large crowd: ‘I am particularly proud to launch this car in the UK as Britain is alone with Italy in sharing a real passion for the motor car – whether modern or classic’.

Alfa’s usual handpicked assortment of immaculately turned-out Amazonian assistants flanking him on either side didn’t spoil the view.

What were they thinking?

The Alfa stand was a sea of passionate red but we weren’t completely won over by the white 8C on one side with the iffy mid-brown leather seats.

In a nutshell

Nice to see a great brand like Alfa making a real effort for the British motor show…unlike some of its German rivals. Bellissimo!

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CAR reader reports

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What surprised me most on the Alfa stand?

The sheer size of the stand itself. This was not just the worldwide show debut of the Mito, but a relaunch for the brand as well, and Alfa are making a big splash at London 2008. As well as the cars, there is a decent bar too, with tasteful prints of the 8C on the walls. And girls… lots of lots of girls. Expect more of the same at an Alfa dealer near you soon.

Forget the PR spin: What’s the real story?

Alfa Romeo haven’t been doing well enough, and they know it. There was lots of emphasis at the press conference about new products that will be aimed at a worldwide audience, and returning the Alfa brand to its past glories. They also promise a ‘proper balance’ between power and weight. The 8C is their icon; the Mito is the first new mainstream model to follow this new philosophy. There was also talk (again) about improving customer service.

Reader verdict

The new Mito looks a bit like the new 8C, y’know. Its debut means there’s no room for the 147. Still, the Mito is not that much smaller, but lighter, zestier, and seemingly better built. Sounds ok to me.

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