Nissan at the London motor show 2008

Published: 22 July 2008

London motor show video

Nissan pulled off a cornucopia of intriguing new models at the London show – with some pretty weird extremes, as practical family cars jostled for attention with supercars and tallboy square city cars.

What’s new on Nissan’s London motor show stand?

Proudly displaying its patriotism, Nissan pulled the covers of its Sunderland-built Qashqai+2 – one of the few real global debuts at the show. The seven-seater crossover sits on an extended wheelbase to create room for a third row of occasional seats (and they are occasional – we stuffed some rather uncomfortable adults in there to test them).

That extra chassis length means the boot has grown by 90 litres. The Qashqai+2 is no looker, but busy families will love it when it arrives in September 2008, with a starting price of around £18,000.

CAR’s Nissan highlight

Sure, the Denki Cube’s smart laminated lithium-ion battery technology is all very now, and there’s also the new Murano to look at. Chances are though, that the mighty GT-R super-coupe will gather the most fingerprints. Understandably so – here’s a 195mph four-seater supercar that can roast pretty much anything in its path, for a ridiculously low £52,900. A bargain in the metal. And you’ll love the cutaway that shows the full workings of the GT-R and its transaxle laid bare.

What were they thinking?

Actually, there’s very little we can scoff at on the Nissan stand. Here’s a brand who has clearly thought about what the UK market wants: real-world versatility, advanced technology and blistering performance. One of the few manufacturers with a story to tell.

In a nutshell

An enjoyable mixed bag from Nissan that ranges from family-friendly motoring to supercar performance, via electric quirkiness. Well worth a look.

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By Ben Whitworth

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