Westfield at the London motor show 2008

Published: 24 July 2008

If you’re attending the London motor show and fancy a breath of fresh air (it gets swelteringly hot in Excel), you must head outside to see some oversteer action in the Active Drift Experience.

What’s new on Westfield’s motor show stand?

It’s not really the Westfield stand you should be heading for – although the oddly enticing retro Eleven (based on the Lotus XI) is worth a look – but rather its Active Drift Experience set-up outside. Cough up a fiver, slot yourself in the passenger seat of a Sport 1600 and a pro driver will whip you around a tight circuit, spending most of the time broadside as he slides the car through a sea of cones.

CAR’s Westfield highlight

Watching cocky I-can-handle-this passengers emerge pale-faced and wobbly through the tyre smoke after a gut-churning white-knuckle ride.

What were they thinking?

Westfield was thinking one step ahead of rivals Caterham, that’s for sure. The plentiful crowd of on-lookers and the long queue of money-waving punters are bound to do wonders for boosting the profile of the Midlands-based car company.

In a nutshell

A clever and engaging bit of marketing from Westfield – and a real hit if the weather holds.

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CAR reader reports

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What surprised me most on the Westfield stand?

Erm, nothing. Oh, I didn’t know they were linked/associated with GTM. Another stand remarkable though for not preaching it’s saving the environment.

Forget the PR spin. I reckon the real story here is…

More of the same. There are Jubilee limited editions of the Sport (Lotus 7 based) and the XI (Lotus 11 based). The fit and finish appeared better than my cynical expectation of them was. You can buy experience days in them, saves you spending months of evenings and weekends building the thing, only to wrap it round the first tree on a tricky corner.

Reader verdict

It’s exactly what you expect Westfield to be, there’s no need for motor show spin. Another potential reason for growth could be with people moving away from heavy polluting, poor MPG daily cars, to economical daily cars, a Ford Econetic, BMW 318d maybe, with something like a Westfield tucked in the garage for the weekend, I quite want one now.

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