Ferrari smashes world record

Published: 13 June 2007

Another record for Ferrari?

Ferrari has set a new record on the Silverstone circuit – but this one didn't involve F1 car heroics or three figure speeds. Ferrari GB and the Ferrari Owners Club set a new world record for the 'largest parade of Ferrari cars,' tripling the previous effort. Some 385 Fazzas lapped Silverstone in formation, all part of the manufacturer's 60th birthday celebrations in Britain. Among the £60 million pound collection were such greats as the 250 GTO, the uber-rare FXX (just 30 examples exist of the super-Enzo) and a healthy selection of Maranello’s halo cars, including the F40, F50 and Enzo. Five lucky winners of the competition in CAR Magazine's Ferrari supplement were also present at the Ferrari Racing Day festival, held from June 8-10. The previous record – totalling 128 cars – was set in May by the Spanish Ferrari Owners Club.

Tell me more...

Each car had to travel at least two miles around the circuit, no more than two car lengths apart in order to grasp the record. In fact, all 385 participants completed a full lap, covering three miles whilst driving two abreast. Peter Everingham, secretary of the Ferrari Owners Club GB said: 'There were over 1000 Ferraris from every era there. We have so many enthusiastic owners, I’m sure this one will take some beating.'

What else was going on?

The star of the weekend was undoubtedly Bruno Senna, the nephew of the late racing legend Ayrton Senna. Driving a F430 in Brazilian colours as a guest for Ferrari Challenge Dealer Team GB, there was nothing but clear tarmac to be seen in his rear view mirror, as he won both races easily. Fittingly, it was he who led the record-breaking parade too – from the cockpit of a 599 GTB Fiorano. Other events included the only UK showing of the FXX Programme, where owners of these tricked up Enzos get the chance to become client test drivers and aid the development of future extreme models.