Scion Hako Coupe concept

Published: 20 March 2008

Welcome to the Scion Hako Coupe concept. Hako is Japanese for box, but if this is a box, then it’s Tupperware that’s been melted on the stove.

The concept is designed to express the love of all things retro-American in Japan. That explains the droopy rear end reminiscent of a 1940s’ lead sled, the ‘Frenched’ lamps and the vertical windscreen (admittedly curving over at the top) like a '20s/'30s hot rod.

Inside, one infotainment screen is no longer enough. The Scion Hako Coupe has two, and cameras on the outside record where you’ve been for today’s Facebook entry. The videos can then be edited on even more screens mounted in the doors.

This two-door coupe has been tipped as a replacement for the tC Coupe, but Scion insists it’s purely a concept. The company is investigating ways to expand its range without losing its exclusivity or its enviable average age of 30 (for the tC it’s 24). Scion VP Jack Hollis says that the brand may expand from three to five or even six models. Scion may also grow and sell across the globe, but there are no solid plans to offer it in the UK. So far the most interest has come from Australia, according to Toyota spokesman Mike Michels.