Lamborghini Estoque at the Paris motor show 2008

Published: 02 October 2008

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Lamborghini’s new Estoque is easily the star of the Paris motor show. Big, bold and irrepressibly Lamborghini, the Estoque should hit showrooms by 2011 with an anticipated £130k price tag to slug it out with the Porsche Panamera and Aston Martin Rapide. It’ll be quite a fight….

Tell me more about the Lamborghini Estoque

Let’s start with the name – in keeping with Sant’Agata’s bullfighting-based nomenclature, the Estoque is the short rapier used by a matador in the bullring. The Estoque is Lamborghini’s first proper four-door saloon and having twice the number of doors and seats as any current model didn’t stop the audible collective intake of breath when Lamborghini boss Stephan Winkelmann – with the help of four impossibly good-looking models – pulled back the Estoque’s show covers at a sneak preview for CAR and other media last night.

It’s expected to utilise Audi’s new A8 alloy architecture and run the Gallardo’s V10 through a seven-speed double-clutch box to all four wheels, but with its sub 300g/km CO2 goal, Winkelmann hasn’t ruled out a hybrid or – wait for it – a big turbodiesel.

The Estoque may turn every head, but we can’t help wondering why Lamborghini didn’t opt for a big and brutal Espada-style coupe rather than a four-seater saloon. That nose would certainly sit better on an extravagantly-style coupe than it does on what is essentially a pretty trad saloon shape. But hey, we’re not really complaining…

What else is new on the Lamborghini stand?

We reckon the Estoque is probably enough for most showgoers to lap up – but don’t forget you can also check out the new Gallardo LP560 – our Performance Car of the Year.

CAR’s verdict : Lamborghini at the Paris motor show 2008

Top marks to Lamborghini for its brave and bold Estoque. In terms of glamour, power and sheer presence – everything a Lamborghini should have in spades – it’s easily the car of the show.

CAR’s Lamborghini show score: 5/5

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