Toyota Hi-CT

Published: 25 October 2007

And the winner of bravest car design goes to…

You won’t forget the proportions of the Hi-CT in a hurry. It is intentionally unconventional. If Judge Dredd lived in Tokyo and needed to downsize…

It’s very chunky. What are the dimensions?

The Hi-CT 3330mm long, 1695mm wide, 1780mm high. The cabin in stretched in width, not length, so it seats five comfortably. The looks are very daring, but we actually reckon the Hi-CT can get away with them.

What does it run on then?

Electricity. The Hi-CT adopts a plug-in hybrid system which just charges from your house (assuming you have a garage or can park near your house). As per normal, batteries live under the floor. There’s even an AC100V accessory socket that enables stored electricity to be used for a variety of applications.

What’s the deal with the back end?

The Hi-CT features a removable rear section which opens up a rear deck – perfect for bike racks, surfboards or, according to Toyota, ‘for mounting a camera to shoot that road trip movie’. Yeah, whatever. The rear seat tumbles forward to reveal backward facing ‘rumble seat’ for a fresh angle on the world. Raise the back door and a deck expands into the rear seat areas, creating a mobile stage, should you want to do an impromptu concert. That accessory socket would even power the Marshall amp and Fender Strat.