Mini is 50: a Mini celebration by CAR writers and readers

Published: 13 October 2009

Mini is 50 this year and we've published a 33-page Mini special in the new November issue of CAR Magazine – packed with memories, drives and analysis of and with the cars and people that made Mini great. 

Here we've asked some of CAR's top writers to remember their personal highlights from the past five decades. Gavin Green explains why he recently drove across Australia in a modern Mini, while Anthony ffrench-Constant recalls why crashing a classic Mini caused him to start a lifelong nicotine habit. Click on the links below for our new Mini stories – and don't forget we want YOUR Mini memories too. We'll be publishing the best right here, so remember to give to click on Upload stories, photos or videos direct to the site at the foot of this page to sumbit your Mini stories and photos.


Ben Barry
Revisits the Monte Carlo with a rally legend
Chris Chilton
Picks his favourite Mini moments
Anthony ffrench-Constant
Popping his 100mph cherry and crashing a Mini
Gavin Green
Story behind Gavin's trans-Australian Mini road trip
Nick Trott
Reveals six old Minis on his car CV
Ben Whitworth
Learning to drive in a Mini in Africa
Ben Whitworth
Fails his driving test in a Mini


Biram Desai
Explains why his new Mini Cooper conquers roundabouts
Recalls a few fun rides in the Mini
Elliott Leyton
Recalls his Mini Van
Recalls his errant Jezabel
Harry Andrews
All about his Austin 7/Mini-Minor
On pushing the brake pedal through the floor
John Wood 
Found memories of tuning his Mini with a rubber glove
Remembers going eight up in a Woody
Mark Jaffrey
Tells us about Winni, his urban assault vehicle
Peter Birtwhistle
Mazda Europe's chief designer reveals his Mini secrets
Childhood memories of a Mini in wet Wales
What Minis taught him as a boy
Ted Trott
On tuning his 60s Mini to pocket rocket status

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By Tim Pollard

Editorial director of CAR's digital publishing arm. Motoring news magnet