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Published: 20 September 2015

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1) Barbados submarine

After enjoying the crazy Barbados roads in our hired yellow Kia Picanto and being overtaken by the musical Reggae Reggae buses, we went on a submarine trip. Don’t worry, another turtle will be along in a minute, but there will only ever be one September 2015 issue of CAR!

Alex Sharpe 

Baby drives my CAR

2) Baby drives my CAR

Little Rupert checking what all the fuss is with these beautiful pieces of metal that daddy won’t stop obsessing about. Where better place to start than CAR? He did eat a small section of page 79 shortly after this picture was taken – think he fancies an R8!

Richard Blackwell  

Maserati for lunch

3) Maserati for lunch

My fellow Maserati owners parked up outside our lunch stop during a drive around the New Forest after a brilliant day at the Goodwood Revival the day before.

David Wells

Normal behaviour

4) Normal behaviour

What better way to spend a wet afternoon on the Norfolk Broads than making your own classified Top Trumps?

Greg Miles

Focus in USA

5) Focus in USA

Three friends packed into a Ford Focus, driving from coast to coast in the US. We drove for over 130 hours, racking up more than 7600 miles in three weeks. It was one of the most exciting, terrifying, and rewarding drives of my life. 

David Gurr

Nice pair of Bristols

6) Nice pair of Bristols

Spotted just outside Reims, these two beautiful cars – is there a collective noun for two Bristols without sounding like a character from a Carry On film?

Alan Conrad

Porsche 918 in Italy

7) Porsche 918 in italy

Just returned from a holiday in Italy and while in Saint Moritz spotted this fabulous Porsche 918 Spyder parked outside a hotel. I was one of about six people photographing it. I doubt we’ll ever see another one. Made my holiday!

Dave Beasley

Roller park

8) Roller park

Not your average multi-storey car park! This is at Pebble Beach during Monterey Car Week.

Martin Rowe 

Inca edition

9) Inca edition

There are no roads to Macchu Picchu town so it’s back to Inca by Shanks’ pony. Good excuse to remind myself what four wheels look like on top of a mountain.

John Hobson

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