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Published: 16 September 2015

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Veyron (or similar)

I’m on holiday in California and came across this car rental firm in Hollywood. The cars are strictly highbrow – Corvettes, Ferraris, Porsches, Maseratis and a Bugatti. Unfortunately, the rental rate was slightly more than my Kia Sedona.

Paul Seller

McLaren at Kyalami

McLaren at Kyalami

At the recent McLaren owner’s track day at Kyalami race track, South Africa, two special McLarens attended – F1 and P1. The F1’s design still looks fresh. Standing in the pits the P1 can be heard around the whole track!

Jaco Pienaar

CAR in the UAE

Car in the UAE

Mulling over all things CAR in the UAE before visiting Ferrari World and drivng a Ferrari California on the Yas Marina circuit.

Doug Christie-Scott

Cephalonian secret

Cephalonian secret

On holiday in Cephalonia? Try the magnificent road from outside Dilinata to Divarata. Fiesta hire car perfect for the job. 20 mins of joy.

Bob Hart

WRX in Greece

WRX in Greece

My Subaru WRX STI having just arrived on Zakynthos after a 1400-mile journey. Great car for it apart from 24mpg. I’m sure the reaction of the Greeks would have been more muted if it had been a Golf R.

Philip James

MX-5 down under

MX-5 down under

My new MX-5 running in on the Great Ocean road in Victoria, Australia. After five Elises, the super-fast soft-top is a revelation. Great ride and handling, and the 1.5 is nicely zingy too.

Robert McFarland

Recommended by CAR

Recommended by car

An afternoon enjoying Hampshire’s finest B-roads – the perfect antidote to 12 hours across France in the family saloon two days earlier. I bought the MR2 after you recommended them in May 2013’s issue. Great advice, thanks!

Simon Hutton

Our bridal van

Our bridal van

Here’s my other love, my MX-5, acting as my wedding car and my new wife’s dad’s van acting as hers. She grew up with Transporters and wanted to arrive in builder style. Guess which we left the ceremony in?

Will Chalkley

Porsche GT4 with fries

Porsche GT4 with fries

On taking delivery of the GT4, my son and I drove 100 miles of breathtaking roads to his favourite restaurant. We celebrated Porsche’s purest driving machine with a really Happy Meal.

Mauricio Finn

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