Your month: your cars, adventures and the best pictures you sent in, CAR+ September 2015

Published: 21 August 2015

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Your Month is the place where you let us peek into your weird and wonderful automotive lives. Read on to see what other readers have been up to each month!

Car in the wild

During two weeks of epic driving down the Icefields Parkway in Canada, one of our stops was at Lake Louise – perfect scenery to catch up with the latest CAR news.

By Chris Swift

Alex Holmes, 11, got behind the wheel of his dream car at Goodwood, the Audi Quattro S1

Boy’s own Quattro

At the Goodwood Festival of Speed I managed to get behind the wheel of the Audi Quattro S1, my favourite rally car. Now, where’s the start button…?

By Alex Holmes (aged 11)

Pepe takes a moment in the Icelandic landscape to catch up on the previous month's issue of CAR

Pepe goes to Iceland

July 18th and the June copy of CAR not read yet? Any moment may be good to catch up, even during a short stop to gaze at the beautiful landscapes of northern Iceland. BTW an exciting drive, despite the hired Auris 1.6 not being exactly a hot hatch!

By Pepe Gutiérrez

The Z4 conquering Rome! Can loves his straight-six BMW

Roman holiday

Took our Z4 Coupe on our annual Euro trip this year and took this lucky shot when we conquered Rome. The coupe performed flawlessly. Love nat-asp straight-six BMWs.

By Can Eyilik

Milestone bonanza! Chris' 1994 Astra just topped 200,000 miles in the Sahara desert of all places. He's on a 4500 mile, 10 country epic adventure

Lawrence of Luton

My plucky 1994 Astra smashing through the 200,000-mile mark going through the Sahara Desert on a three-week trip. 4500 miles and 10 countries. Epic! We even saw some camels.

By Chris Ware

John Smith noticed that the NYPD has really suffered from austerity measures

NYPD blues

A recent trip to New York showed that austerity has affected the NYPD too!

By John Smith

Nikolaos catching up on CAR news whilst stood by Lake Kremaston in Greece

Greece is the word

Enjoying the beautiful scenery that surrounds Ditiki Fragista, Greece. In the background is Lake Kremaston and some of the best driving rounds around! Played McRae and co. in my tired Mk2 Focus rental while I was there this summer. 

By Nikolaos Peroulas

The perfect combination, whisky and supercars

Whisky & supercars

Nothing better than touring Speyside distilleries, coming to Glenfiddich and finding a sports car club charity meet. We had a 458 Speciale, gullwing and drop-top SLSs, a McLaren, lots of R8s, Porsches and Astons and half a dozen Lamborghinis.

By Michael Bushell

A 1961 Morgan in the American Deep South, that's a rare sight

A Morgan in America

Nearly 100 degrees in the American Deep South and the Morgan still looks cool! 1961 Morgan Plus 4 in Charleston, South Carolina USA with 27,654 original miles. 

By John Scott

By CAR's road test team

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