Porsche 917 - Le Mans

Published: 20 October 2008

Ranking: 8      

Year of release: 1971

The car: Porsche 917k

Why it’s special: It’s the only real decent motorsport movie that’s been made – and Steve McQueen just gets cooler…

Best bit: The stunning camerawork on the racing. Le Mans has no CGI and no stunt doubles – just pure racing.

Pub fact: Plenty of the footage comes from the actual 1970 24-hour Le Mans race. How was this achieved? One of the racing cars had a purpose-fit camera attached. The Porsche 908 which finished second in the 12-hour race at Sebring was covered in a black sheet which can be seen in the race footage. Ironically, the car finished 9th but wasn’t classified.

Plot overview: Documentary style story set around the famous Le Mans car rally.

For: Petrolheads only.

Against: Wasn’t a real success at the time – only now does it have a strong cult following.

CAR verdict: The only racing film for racing enthusiasts.

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