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Porsche announces hybrid details

Published: 25 July 2007

Porsche's new Cayenne hybrid due in 2009 will top the UK speed limit on electrical power alone and average 32mpg, CAR Online has learned.

Most hybrids, like the Toyota Prius, struggle to top 15mph on battery power, making the petrol-electric Cayenne's electrified 75mph the most powerful hybrid system yet. But the hybrid Cayenne won't just be sporty, it's cleaner too. In a bid to answer critics of big, polluting SUVs, Porsche claims its greener 4x4 will average 'just' 240g/km of CO2, compared with 310g/km on today's entry-level model, the Cayenne V6. The new eco-friendly Porsche currently averages 28.8mpg, but Porsche is confident that it will hit 31.7mpg before production starts. That's some improvement - the Cayenne V6 manages a somewhat thirstier 21.9 miles on each gallon. CAR Online is reporting today directly from the Porsche Development Centre in Weissach, where the first details are being announced. Log on later today for fuller details and the first riding impressions aboard a hybrid Cayenne.