Porsche contests TfL CO2 claims

Published: 10 April 2008

Transport for London has been quick to deny reports that the new £25 congestion charge will actually increase CO2 emissions. Porsche had unearthed a report for the Mayor and TfL that showed a projected 182,000 tonne increase in CO2 in Greater London as a result of extra miles driven outside of the c-charge zone because of the increased toll.

The significant rise was predicted to take place by 2012, with a 184,000 tonne increase in outer London counteracting a 2200 tonne emissions drop in the centre of the capital. ‘We always knew the environmental impact of this unfair tax would be minimal, now we know it will make matters worse,’ said Andy Goss, managing director or Porsche Cars GB. ‘The Mayor and TfL need to explain why this report was not disclosed and why they want to increase taxes on motorists that will increase CO2.’

TfL, however, has discounted the report that was produced using estimates by King’s College, who are refining their figures. Instead, they reckon emissions from cars travelling to and from the zone will fall by 5,000 tonnes in 2009. ‘We have made clear we will vigorously contest Porsche’s claims and any tactics designed to deflect attention away from the main issue,’ said Malcolm Murray-Clark, TfL’s managing director planning. ‘They should focus their attention on cutting CO2 emissions from the cars they produce, rather than pursuing this pointless legal action.’