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Sin Cars R2 (2014): a new Anglo-German supercar

Published: 25 June 2014

A powerful new supercar is primed to burst onto the scene, going by name of the Sin Cars R2 - and this is the first snapshot of it.

Boasting over 500bhp and weighing just 1100kg, the Sin Cars R2 was born from a collaboration between British parts supplier ProFormance Metals and German-based Sin Cars GmbH.

Why should the Sin Cars R2 get my attention?

A veil of secrecy currently surrounds the R2, so what we know is limited. But this single photo has been published on the company's social media channels, giving us the first look at the new 2014 model.

The R2 will be offered with a choice of engines and a Graziano six-speed H-pattern gearbox.

Sin Cars originally planned for the road car to cost little more than £60,000, although that figure has since been reassessed to around £145,000.

This Sin Cars R2 sounds familiar…

It may well do. At the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed, Sin Cars brought along the roadgoing version of its R1 GT Championship car. The R2 is best thought of as an evolution of the R1 road car, which was hastily completed in time for its Goodwood debut.

Although little is known about the changes in the R2, increases in cabin quality and driver comforts are expected. Little will change from the aesthetics of the R1, but a teaser shot sent out by Sin Cars’ Twitter account hints at revised headlights and strakes within the air intakes.

If you happen to be attending the 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed, you’ll be able to check out the Sin Cars R2 for yourself.