All-seeing eye: Cadillac launches camera-based security system

Published: 08 July 2016

► Cadillac launches camera-based security system
► Automatically captures incidents for owners
► Offered in new CT6 saloon

We've all been there. You've pulled into an unknown car park, in a questionable part of town, and it's nearing kicking-out time at the local pubs. Will your car still have all its badges in the morning? Will the panels be intact, and the wheels still present?

Cadillac, in an effort to alleviate some of these concerns, has released a new system that's designed to capture incidents involving your car. It's a reputed industry-first surround-view recording system, which automatically captures any attempts at tampering with your car.

The 360-degree camera system, offered in the CT6 saloon, uses four cameras – mounted in the grille, boot lid and mirrors – to capture the car's surroundings. When the car is locked, and the security system armed, the cameras will be triggered if the car is disturbed – and the footage stored on an SD card in the boot.

So, for example, if someone drives into your parked car – and then tootles off like nothing happened – you'll stand a good chance of identifying them. This could prove particularly useful for those parking in areas otherwise devoid of CCTV.

The system can also be triggered manually, while the cameras additionally serve up a 360-degree view for easier parking. Cadillac’s CT6 packs a further three cameras, for its wide-angle rear-view camera, night vision and lane-keeping assistance system.

Expect to see the technology offered elsewhere in the future. If you're dead keen, however, the aftermarket offers similar solutions already.

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Cadillac CT6

By Lewis Kingston

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