Download lowdown: the monthly test bench for in-car apps, CAR+ February 2016

Published: 20 January 2016

► The month’s best motoring apps on test
► Rated and slated by CAR magazine
► Phone apps for iOS and Android

Rally The World. The Game


What is it? World Rally champs VW have made a game
How it works: You’re the co-driver, timing your commands from an overhead view to keep the driver on track Cool feature Unlock more commands as you progress through the season
Usability: Incredibly involved game, not for casual players.
Rating: 5/10



What is it? Free sat-nav, with maps for 87 countries
How it works: Enter address, get turn-by-turn navigation with voice instructions
Cool feature: Doesn’t require internet – maps download to your phone. Tracks other user’s speed to avoid traffic
Usability: Mostly logical, with well-timed prompts to help Rating 8/10

Next Junction

£Free/Apple/Android coming soon

What is it? Shows accommodation, food, petrol and attractions close to motorway junctions so you can escape the rep-life
How it works: Choose your motorway, select a junction
Cool feature: Provides business number/website, navigates you to the door Usability Totally intuitive, love it
Rating: 9/10

How Cars Work


What is it? Friendly introduction to car mechanics
How it works: Icons display everything from engines to suspension. Click on ’em and view annotated illustrations
Cool feature: You’ll understand camber, caster and toe!
Usability: Biased more towards words than illustrations, but good at hand-holding through complex topics
Rating: 6/10

By Ben Barry

Contributing editor, sideways merchant, tyre disintegrator