Download lowdown: the monthly test bench for in-car apps, CAR+ January 2016

Published: 16 November 2015

► The month’s best motoring apps on test
► Rated and slated by CAR magazine
► Phone apps for iOS and Android

Porsche, Good To Know


What is it? Downloadable Porsche owner manuals
How it works: Select the car you’re interested in, download the manual
Cool feature: The whole app is a geek-fest, but worth it for the 918 Spyder, complete with interactive pics and video guides
Usability: Almost as logical as a dictionary. Good old Germans
Rating: 7/10

My Vauxhall


What is it? Allows you to remotely check/operate functions on your Vauxhall
How it works: The app uses OnStar to lock/unlock doors, check fuel range, tyre pressures, oil life and mpg
Cool feature: Check where you’re parked, and the terminally forgetful/pranksters can remotely sound the horn
Usability: Good, but locking/unlocking doors is slower than the key
Rating: 7/10

BMW Service


What is it? Book maintenance work on your BMW
How it works? Sign up, register your car, then select from the services you require – brake fluid, service, valet, free check etc – at your chosen dealer
Cool feature? See the dates that are available, click what suits, then get a confirmation email
Usability: Basically sound, but did crash several times during our trials
Rating: 6/10

A Highway Racer Game – Ford Mustang


What is it? Street racing game that’s as back-to-basics as the ’Stang you race
How it works? Press on-screen pedals, tilt the screen to turn, dodge stuff, do jumps, crash
Cool feature? Well, not losing your life setting up a garage is a refreshing change
Usability: Easy. The four-on-the-floor of racing games
Rating: 5/10

By Ben Barry

Contributing editor, sideways merchant, tyre disintegrator