Fresh thinking: Share your Mini, CAR+ October 2015

Published: 16 September 2015

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► Remote unlocking for car share 

Minis are in car hire clubs already: what’s new here?
Yes, BMW and Sixt’s DriveNow scheme operates in nine cities globally, allowing members to unlock and hire a car off the street with nothing more than a smartphone app. The big difference, come 2016, is that your privately owned Mini can join in. 

Sounds inconvenient…
Don’t worry, you won’t rush out late for work only to find your Mini has rudely disappeared: you’ll be able to digitally log your car’s availability when it suits you. It’s all part of the ‘sharing economy’, which BMW thinks Mini owners open-mindedly embrace.  

What hardware is required?
Mini is still working on the finer details, ahead of launch in the US next year. But it will require an ‘optional equipment package’ to make your car compatible with DriveNow. The Mini’s inbuilt SIM card will be vital, to locate the car and transmit big data.   

A nice earner?
Mini is yet to confirm the financial rewards for membership, nor the sanctions against someone who leaves a fag burn in your seat. Hopefully it’ll have more teeth than being unfriended on Facebook

By Phil McNamara

Editor-in-chief of CAR magazine