Does it work? Mercedes Energising Comfort

Published: 29 January 2019

► Merc’s Energising Comfort tested
► Fragrance, audio and an in-car yogi
► Gimmick or useful companion?

Now this is something a little bizarre to be doing while driving: vigorous muscle stretches. Mercedes’ Energising Comfort system, which first debuted on the S-Class, interconnects various functions in the cockpit such as the air-con, fragrancing, audio and seat heating/cooling/massage functions to help boost the comfort of its occupants or even change their mood.

Depending on which Mercedes you have, there are up to six programmes: Freshness, Warmth, Vitality, Joy, Comfort and Training. That’s Training as in a personal trainer of sorts: a voice suggesting muscle-stretching techniques to activate, relax or bring ‘balance’ to your body.

We tested it using an AMG E53 Coupe fitted with Freshness and Vitality programmes that tweaked the fragrance, audio and airflow, plus Training. (The car wasn’t fitted with massaging seats, without which you can’t get the Joy and Comfort programmes.)

Freshness certainly wakes you up; the vents intermittently blast cold air like a gusty wind (not all that welcome on an already chilly morning) accompanied by a heavy spritz of the in-car fragrance, while Vitality plays high-bpm music. (In a car with massaging and cooling seats, Vitality would deploy both to provide even more invigoration.)

The Training tutorials are 10 minutes long, with a prim-and-proper female voice actor starting off by warning you to remain in control of the car, to not get distracted and to stop the workout at any time if your drive requires it. That’s Merc’s backside covered. Now to relax your backside. The voice tells you to tense certain body parts, from your neck and shoulders right down to your buttocks, and then release the tension, allowing you to revel in that chilled feeling. But some of these techniques are a little odd to perform in transit, like raising your shoulders to your ears, or tensing a single butt cheek.

All the while the firm voice assistant insists that ‘you are now feeling the sensation of relaxation’ more than enough times in 10 minutes for it to wear thin fast and potentially ruin your chances of achieving the relaxed feeling you’re chasing.

When the car isn’t moving the screen displays graphics showing the movements being described, meaning it may be more beneficial to do this kind of thing if you’re stuck in traffic. As long, that is, as you don’t mind other road users gawping at you as you do the driver’s equivalent of the downward-facing dog in an M4 tailback.

Three steps to holistic remedies on the move

Stretch those digits
Turn the Comand wheel to the Car menu and unleash the Energising Comfort options

Energising comfort screen

Dabble in aromatherapy
Select a mood, triggering changes to the cabin fragrance, temperature and music

Merc Energising Comfort fragrance

Get your yoga on
Use the Training function to exercise or release muscle tension while travelling

Merc Energising Comfort training

Did it work?

Sort of. We’re not wholly convinced by the mood programmes – they’re little more effective than the changes of temperature and music you make all the time anyway. The Training facility might be beneficial if you need to release some tension while stuck in traffic – if you can get past the firm voice practically commanding you to relax as you contort yourself. Maybe just stick to a Zen podcast and a Magic Tree air freshener.

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By Jake Groves

CAR's deputy news editor, office Geordie, gamer, lover of hot hatches