Pay for your fuel remotely with Jaguar’s new Shell app

Published: 17 February 2017

► Jaguar teams up with Shell fuel giant
► Pay for petrol from your touchscreen
► Tech uses PayPal or Apple Pay

Is modern technology designed to make us all lazy slobs who no longer have to lift a finger? Or is it designed to ease the chores of modern life by removing the dross we don’t enjoy doing?

We’d say the new Jaguar app definitely falls into the latter category. For who actually enjoys paying for petrol when they fill up their car?

How the Jaguar Shell app works

In what is claimed to be a world first, Jaguar has teamed up with fuels giant Shell to create an app that lets you pay for fuel from inside the car.

See the app in action in our video below

The new Shell payment app in the Jaguar XE

It’s available on the new 2018 model year XE, XF and F-Pace, due to be shown at the 2017 Geneva motor show.

Download the app, sync it with your PayPal or Apple Pay accounts and you can waltz straight out of the forecourt after a few buttons prods.

Really? Won’t I leave incriminating images on the CCTV footage?

Apparently not. Jaguar says the new payment system will make it easier for parents who no longer have to leave babies alone in the car and the app can also log mileage for company car drivers keeping tabs on their expenses. 

The internet of things is here: Jaguar's new Shell payment app

Although launching on the heartland Jaguar models, it will be rolled out across the whole Jaguar Land Rover family in due course.

And in time, JLR plans to extend the contactless payment tech to pay for parking and drive-through restaurants. The internet of things? It’s here and now…

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By Tim Pollard

Editorial director of CAR's digital publishing arm. Motoring news magnet